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●Liftup Firming Facial            70min ¥9,720 / 100min ¥11,880 


70min:massage (face, neck, shoulder, decolletage and head) 

100min:70min + upper back massage.

Firming eye & lip! Lift up face! FairLight facial method for rejuvenating and cheerful smile. Approaching head to back/decollete related muscles,skin and all tissues influence the face without over pressure. Combat signs of aging, puffy face and ease tension headache. The results are visible immediately.

●Facial Coupon 1session/60min



Highly recommended combination of body and facial.

Indulge yourself with the bliss moment.

Does your body want to feel better? Then try it!

You will find the positive difference between before-after the treatment.

Fill out the consultation sheet.The qualified therapist will ask your life style details and today’s your physical and mental conditions to allow you maximum benefit of the treatment session. Then select the best aroma blending suits with your taste,feeling,and condition.

Release your tension and improve your circulation with foot bath  before starting your treatment. Enjoy yourself with pampering treatments.

Seasonal Tea & sweets service after the treatment session. Post
counseling and home care advice to keep the treatment lasts longer.

It is not including in the course duration those which pre&post counseling, foot ritual, tea time and changing cloths.


Specialized for firming & relaxation facial allow you to the experience. 

●Refresh Energy             

120min ¥14,040 / 150nin ¥15,120

Custom made body and face

A custom made body massage combined with the variety of manual techniques and organic facial skin care. Excellent for total refresh of body, mind and spirit. This treatment will bring you to wellness and relaxation. 

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Aromatic Pilates         

●Remedial Massage                                       70min ¥9,720 / 100min ¥11,880

A clinical body massage popular in Australia. This massage is relatively firm pressure, it can work on the deeper muscles those which are difficult to approach with relaxation massages. Body assessment is included in this course. Recommended for chronic muscle stiffness and pain, unbalanced posture and misalignment body.                                     



Aroma-Lymphatic Drainage                      60min ¥8,640 /  90min ¥10,800


Aromatherapy & Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Aromatic tranquility and detox to relieve puffy body and cold extremities. The gentle touch is effective  to flow lymph, eliminating waste materials and excess water in the body, and release from stress and tension. This course is also recommended for beginners of oil massage.   Non oil treatment is available.


Myofascial Release                                                                40min ¥6,480                                                              


This technique is to work on fascia which is holding each muscles and to regulate the function of the body. The slow and firm pressure without oil can release the restrictions in the fascia. Easing the stiff muscle, misalignment, fatigue and improving the circulation & the function of the viscera.   

This course is recommended to take with other treatments together as it concentrates on 1 or 2 parts of the body.

●Brilliant Bust                      90min ¥12,960    

Contouring the bust shape and making beautiful upper body to firm the back, upper arms and waist. The elegant aroma stimulating female’s hormone balance will make you uplifting and inner beauty.  This massage method and bust pack are accepted at the medical clinic. This intensive bust course is plus rebalancing the posture and natural  body exfoliation. This is the perfect bust care!


Coupons Remedial massage / Aroma-Lymphatic Drainage :1session/60min

Our manual therapy utilizing Essential Therapeutics,medical grade

aromatherapy products from Australia.

Our therapy will give you improving your posture, Draining lymph for detox and

firming body and face,etc.

Please feel free to ask us if you wonder which course is the best for you.




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